Zhejiang Crystal Display Co., Ltd.(CDT), was founded in 2009 by Zhejiang Crystal-Optech Co., Ltd. And it is specialized in design and manufacturing for new display product. The company focuses on micro projection, AR smart glasses, and car head-up display. And it is equipped with the one-stop solution for optical system design, the design and manufacturing of optical projection module and optical parts...

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CDT has more than 30 technical engineer in the field of optical system design, coating design/process, prism/spherical/plate manufacturing. to provide well-rounded service to customers since in clients’ R & D stage.

CDT has the most advanced production lines of coating, cleaning, grinding (spherical lens, plate and prism), etching and gluing. The company is able to offer a whole glass optical components supply chain to clients.


Zhejiang Crystal Display Technology Co., Ltd (CDT),

Zhejiang Crystal Display Technology Co., Ltd (CDT), founded in 2009 and ..